December 2016

Recent trip to Maputo a great success, see interim report under MOZAMBIQUE Read More


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DECEMBER 6th 2016 (06/12/2016)

DEC 6th Update

The Maputo conference  at the beginning of October was a great success-  see interim report and programme under Mozambique. Unfortunately I am  just recovering from a chest infection probaly caused by a slight aspiration, I often have similar problems when I have  a cold since I received radiotherapy in 2005.  – GP and my wife banned me from travelling to Hoima in Uganda on December 3rd to participate in a conference on ‘Recognising the sick patient.’ But Dr Allie Green is doing a fantastic job as team leader.  Now planning a trip to The Gambia in February to do a SAFE obstetric anaesthesia conference. I already have an excellent team.

September 2016 Blog (24/09/2016)

So what have I been doing for the past 4 months since May? Certainly no more trips to Africa but Maputo, Mozambique beckons from 1-10 September to run a 3 day SAFE obstetric anaesthesia conference. There are 18 of us including 4 Portuguese speakers from IECA (the International Evangelical church of the Algarve).

 During 3 separate week’s fishing in Scotland I have caught 5 salmon, 1 grilse and 9 seatrout – may not sound many but my best total catch if migratory fish for many years.  The majority were returned in keeping with current Scottish catch and release regulations. 

On July 29th my 90 year old mum passed away peacefully at home in her own bed surrounded by family – it was her time and she wanted to go - see Jean Thomson’s obituary and Eulogy which I wrote, under ‘other articles by keith.’

I shot a few competitions at the Imperial meeting at Bisley but my effort in the Grand Aggregate was cut short by mum’s last illness. My wife Fiona and I spent the last two weeks in July our ‘little escape’ in the Algarve during which we were joined for the last week by our friend Martyn and his wife Jeanne for his 70th birthday on the 29th. Martyn had won his age group (70 and over) in the Marathon des Sables (MDS) in Southern Morocco in April this year – a truly remarkable achievement. Anyway four other of Martyn’s friends and both our children + 2 grandchildren (Hamish is now standing at 6/12 old and Isla (age 3) has just started school, also joined us for the celebrations.

Just flown down from Edinburgh to Gatwick seated between  two interesting people  – a woman who is very involved with ‘riding for the disabled’ in Kent told me about a programmable  electric horse which their unit uses and a young man  who had recently left the British Army after tours to Iraq, Afghanistan and Sierra Leone, he admitted to  an irrational  fear of flying but  was interested in designing games which could be used as  therapeutic tools and also ran a company which provided on line  bespoke equipment and costumes for theatre and film sets.

May blog (15/05/2016)

Sitting at DFW airport in Texas en route back to the UK. I had just attended a remarkable two day meeting of the Mercy Ships International Board expertly chaired by Mike Ullman, Chair and CEO of JC Penney.   I felt very humbled to have been among a remarkable group of people who had flown in from countries all over the World to attend. These included Australia, RSA, Canada, Norway and the Netherlands. It was a privilege to have been part of this group.

From 16-23 April I was in Freetown with 12 other crazy people. The team consisting of 9 anaesthetists, 3 midwives and one obstetrician ran  3 day SAFE Obstetric anaesthesia   and   two day midwifery courses. All went well we had a great time, staying at the Barmoi Hotel in the Aberdeen area. We were accompanied by my friend Catherine Conteh who I had paid for to have a caesarean section in the PCHM (Princess Christian Maternity Hospital) in Freetown 23 years before to save her life. Catherine is now an RGN at the Royal Perth Hospital in Australia and is currently also doing a MSc in Palliative care. See various press and radio articles under ‘Conteh family ‘ on this website.

Four days after arriving back from Sierra Leone I joined six friends in Richmond, Yorkshire, to complete the final 5 days of the Coast to Coast walk from St Bees in the West to Robin Hood Bay in the East. The weather at time on the North Yorkshire Moors was at times very inclement but we eventually completed the challenge in 13 days distributed over three long weekends over three years.  Then after a  couple of days at home it was off up to Scotland to see my 90 year old mother.

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